Saturday, July 26, 2008


You may have noticed a number way down there ⇓at the bottom of my blog.  (OK, when I preview it, that arrow thingie worked.  Now I jut get a blank square.  Huh.)


OK, I'll stop.

ANYway, besides telling me how many times my blog has been accessed, I also get statistics on HOW people have found me. StatTracker gives me the key words that have been used in searches on which my blog has appeared in the result list.  Those can be very interesting.  The top two searches that land people on my place are Charter Communication Sucks; and the simple search for an entimologist.

This blog entry  was quite popular for awhile searching for a particular guy.  And not the one you'd think by looking at it.   The searches were for Edward "Gil Chesterton from Frazier" Hibbert; who had been starring in the Drunken Chaperone on Broadway.  

And Edward "Gil Chesterton from Frazier" Hibbert, if you are one of the searchers and have found this blog, who in Brussells is looking for you?  That's like Ground Zero for the Edward Hibbert Fan Club.

BUT, the other night I was floored, chagrinned and stymied by a new finding.  My blog is a on the result list for a search that is phrased "public humiliation in St. Louis."

I mean, HEY!!!!!  OK, so it's not the TOP result, in fact, it's not even on the first page of the results.  It is the top one on the second page of the results, though.  Which, ouch.

Was it on a result list for Best Blog in St. Louis?


Was it on a result list for Most Available Bachelorette in St. Louis?


Was it on a result list for Funniest Woman in St. Louis?


Was it on a result list for best Mom in St Louis?


(Note:  but it will be on the result lists for all of those searches now!  Ha!  )

It was on a result list for Public Humiliation in St. Louis.  But, I guess that's what you get when you have a blog post entitled Public Humiliation.

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