Thursday, March 09, 2006


Oh. My. Gosh. Hide me. Hide me now. I'm so embarrassed. If I hadn't left my cellphone in my car, I'd take a pic and show you how red my face is. Oh. Oh. Oh. And it just goes to show how much I trust you all *snork* that I'm even telling you this.

At the moment, I am at Kaldi's Coffeeshop at the Plaza having dinner and working on a blog about how proud I am of my daughter, whom you've come to know as Little Sly.

*note* I'm also equally proud of my other daughter, HRH Princess Meghan, but since she only accesses this site long enough to see if I've written about her and doesn't read anything else, I'll move along and not say anything more about her at the moment.

ANYWAY, I'm in the middle of a post about an accomplishment of Little Sly's that will be posted later. I look up and see an attractive man my age enter.

My pulse quickens. ooohhhh. Hot. I think. Either that or it's my first hot flash. No, it's definitely him.

He has a shock of white white hair and a goatee, ala Michael McDonald.

And his eyes. Oh.

And get this -- he starts flirting WITH ME!! He's in line to order and keeps looking at me, smiling. Even a wave.


I'm flipping my hair. I'm cocking my head to one side and smiling. I'm tipping my head back and stroking my neck with one finger.


He gets his coffee and walks towards me. I smile.


I see them hug in the reflection of the plate glass windows.

And, no, it's not his daughter. Well, if she IS his daughter, he really shouldn't be grabbing her ass like that.




neophyte said...

Been there.

insomniac said...

What slyeyes belieeeeeves
She seeees....

Kafaleni said...

aawwwwwww, sweetie.

He's probably a complete ar&ehole who can't get rational women of his own age and has resorted to brainless 10 year olds. You're better off without him. Have some tequila.

Oh.. and what Neo said.

Leetie said...


You do have a way with words, girl.


Tamara said...

Why, it's Kenny Rogers!

Peri said...

Have no truck with guys who go for titlywinks, that's what I always say.

What a maroon.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Sounds like a slimeball.
But don't feel bad, sly, he'll probably get taken for everything he's got and dumped in a ditch.

El said...


Sarah O. said...

1. Way to go, sly, you're not afraid to flirt! That's excellent.

2. You probably made ol' white hair's day. You may feel silly that you flirted with him but I bet he's flattered.

3. Plus, odds are that an old guy/young woman couple is based not on love but on two people using each other. Poor guy doesn't realize that he's probably WAY better off with you!

Slyeyes said...

Poor guy doesn't realize that he's probably WAY better off with you! ...and other similar comments.....

Yeah, the old coot is probably just crying in his beard that he's stuck with that young hot thang.

Slyeyes said...

But thanks everyone.

Sarah O. said...

Hey, sly, we mean it! Little Miss Hot will:

1. Get Mr. Whitebeard to buy her a new Spring wardrobe

2. Get Mr. Whitebeard to take on vacation, where she'll flirt with hot young guys

3. Dump Mr. Whitebeard.

A real woman, such as yourself, would not do such things.

OK, maybe one or two, but not all three!

Tramp said...

What he doesn't realize is that when his money is gone, so is she. And that's when he'll come looking for you. Remember today.

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Tramp said...

Oh, we're doing spam now? OK, stop by my site. I'm offering two free pleasant thoughts with the purchase of any good wish.

insomniac said...

he really shouldn't be grabbing her ass like that

how should he be grabbing her ass?

wysiwyg said...


Insom, you crack me up.....

...but waits patiently for Sly to respond.....

Kafaleni said...

keep waiting, wys..

I think the new job has her AWOL. At least during work hours.