Tuesday, July 15, 2008


What will I get first? A new car?

or a new iPhone?

True, there are more used cars available in St. Louis than there are iPhones. Apple's website indicates the shelves in the local stores are bare. An attempt to contact the AT&T store to check on current and future availability was unsuccessful. One couldn't even talk to a real person but was assured that if one left a message, the call would be returned or one could access the website. One didn't even hear the usual obligatory "your call is important to us." That must be due to the fact that the call was not, in fact, important to them as the call was not returned. I'm not real sure I understand the constant urging to access the website as the iPhones are not available via the internets.

Even some of St. Louis' beautiful people were unsuccessful after standing in line on Friday.

So, place your bets; car or iPhone...which do I get first?


Trillian said...

so, what kind of car are you going to get? :)

I'm like my 34 mpg 2006 Cobalt. it's a bit small, but my Dad, his girlfriend, my 6'2" little sister, and myself can all pile into it. getting back out again is where the problems occur.

Jerry said...

You should go for the car first. You might be able to use it to barter for an iPhone later.

Leetie said...



Anonymous said...

So...just a thought...if Apple is making it so difficult to get an iPhone, they don't return your calls, your call isn't important to them, etc, why get one? Is the iPhone really cool enough to overlook the bad customer service you've received thus far?