Saturday, July 12, 2008


There are no unofficial pictures of the wedding as all of the unofficial photographers were busy watching the ceremony.  All of the official wedding pictures were taken by the wonderful and talented Heather from Shutter Happy Studios.    Oh, look who's on the front of their website! (unless Heather has changed it)

The ceremony itself was wonderful.  Both Ben and Meghan got teary-eyed as soon as they saw each other.  Of course, Don and I quickly followed and the bridesmaids were passing tissues back and forth amongst themselves all during the ceremony.  Water-proof mascara was a must.  
Communion was part of the ceremony and the couple served it to their guests themselves.  

Nathan gave a wonderful homily and stressed how the two of them made God the center of their lives.   He then pronounced them man and wife and it was time for more pictures.

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