Thursday, March 22, 2007


....I became a mommy for the first time; and my life has never been the same. Thank heaven.

For YEARS, I thought Jenni's birthday was March 21. That's because all of the work was done that day. I went into labor early in the morning on March 21, and all day kept thinking, "Today, we will have a baby. Today, March 21 I become a mommy. March 21 I will give birth."

I found out what all other parents know, babies have their own timetable and they like to trick their parents.

Jenni was born shortly after 1:00 in the morning; March 22.

I had been told about the instant love a parent feels for a child, but didn't quite understand the POWER of it until I saw her. Oh. My. Gosh.

And she was perfect.

All wiggly and pink; dark eyes and a thick head of dark hair. I had incredible heartburn the last 3 months of my pregnancy, and my Italian mother-in-law advised me that was the baby getting its hair. I brushed it off as yet another Italian wive's tale while popping another 12 Tums.

When Jenni was born and the nurse said, "Wow, what a head of hair," her dad tapped me on the shoulder and said, "See? My Mom was right." Like I wanted to hear that right then!

Three and a half years later, we had a second little angel, Meghan. We were so blessed.

And then the sibling rivalry started. Oy. I remember sitting on the couch between the two of them as they were yelling "I hate you!" at each other, and having them say 5 nice things about each other. They developed a singsong response: "I like your hair, I like your eyes, I like your dress, blah blah blah." I would just sigh and tell them that my biggest wish was that they would become best friends, like my sisters and I are.

They assured me that someday, that MIGHT happen, but right then, they just couldn't stand each other.

Well, it did happen. Right now, they are in Florida with their significant others (Meghan and Ben, Jenni and Tim), spending Spring Break together. Today for Jenni's birthday, they woke up around 3:30 in the morning (and by the way, I'd like some sort of proof of that, because that does NOT sound like my daughters), Meghan and Ben made breakfast for them of cinnamon rolls, and then they all went to Captiva Island to watch the sunrise. Then they went to watch dolphins and manatees, and tonight, they are all going to go out to dinner. My girls are spending a vacation together and having a wonderful time, just like best friends.

And where am I??? The one who did all of the work???

At work.

But thinking wonderful thoughts of them and how I'm glad they are enjoying the time together. And wondering what wonderful souvenirs they will bring home to mommy.


Oh, by the way, on that hair and heartburn thing, Meghan also had a head of thick hair and I had heartburn in the last 3 months. Neither of my sisters had heartburn and all of their babies were born bald. So, ??????

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Meghan and I were playing "What Did We Do Last Year for Easter?" She thought she was with me, I didn't think so, but couldn't come up with what actually happened. I checked e-mails; they'd all been deleted, except for one to my parents stating that I was feeling better, but wouldn't be going to Jenni and Tim's. I then remembered that was around the time I found out I had asthma. But couldn't remember what I actually did for Easter, other than trying to breathe.

I looked at the calendar, it was blank.

Meghan suggested I ask her dad, but I was pretty sure he'd say Meghan was with me, so she'd be with him this year. I needed something more concrete; and reliable.

My blog!!!

I searched the archives and found out she WAS with her dad. Ha! This thing has now justified itself.