Saturday, April 26, 2008


It's been a busy month. There was my St. Thomas vacation, then two weddings in the family.

I'm working on posts about those.


Stacey and Chase got married

Then Meghan and Ben got married.

I'm working on posts about those, but last night, I went to the Ritz. What a night for people watching. A Brazilian band was playing and they featured a dancer who was wearing a very abreviated costume.

At one point, she dance with the one of the Elderly Creepy Brothers Who Cruise the Lobby Lounge. I think twice he nearly had a coronary. (by the way, his Co-Creepy Brother no longer Cruises the Lobby Lounge. He has been banned for being too disruptive.)

Later, the Brazilian Dancer gave dance lessons. Oh, and those two people on the left? I've talked about "the girls" before.

They are Lisa and Sharon, always good for people watching.

And then it was time for Carnival!