Thursday, September 01, 2005


At the suggestion of my friend Eleanor, I'm posting this after the two Katrina posts.

bubblewrap stress reliever

For those of you in a hurry to de-stress, I suggest selecting the "manic mode" option.

......and then, there's always Pig Blast

I think one of my plans this weekend is to change my blog photo. Truthfully, it kind of freaks me out. Looks more like "bugeyes" than "slyeyes". When that's done, I'll install a ceiling fan in my bedroom. And you know what that means. Yes, More Fun With Tools!

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UPDATE: My first spam....and it's for Alzheimers!!!!! ARGHHH


Anonymous said...

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neophyte said...

Actually, I think your spam is against Alzhe!mers, not for it.

I love the bubble wrap. It is one of my favorites!

Susan said...

If you a health issue? What?

Bubble wrap is wonderful. I may have some of the real thing around here, and I may well need it today.

Putting in a ceiling fan? Wooo! I love the one in my bedroom. It was a bit of a booger to may want to have someone help you. Working over your head like that can get tiring. And if you haven't gotten the fan yet, one with a hook to hang the motor part of the fan while you connect the wires is really really helpful.

(I put a fan in last would have been appreciated. It can be done alone, but it's hard at times.)

Higgy said...

Ditto what Susan says on the fan install - it can be a real bugger working overhead like that.

Enjoy the fan when it's up!

Slyeyes said...

OK, on that ceiling fan thing....I changed a light bulb in the kitchen last night. A few minutes later, the light fixture came crashing down. Missed me by inches.

It's not looking hopeful for the ceiling fan.

BTW, I do plan on having help. Mainly because I don't want to be rudely awaken some night by a whirling ceiling fan. That could get messy.

Mike Weasel said...

Ooh fun! When Mad and I were visiting my dad in Texas, we installed a couple ceiling fans in the patio roof. Fun stuff!

Eleanor said...

CG installed a ceiling fan for me a couple of months ago. He did it alone, except for me continually saying things like, "I don't think you're doing it the right way, no that wire doesn't go there, looks crooked to me, there's an extra part on the floor, etc" - and he's still talking to me! Want me to send him over? :)

neophyte said...

Oooh, Sly, say yes to Eleanor's offer!! And I think as soon as he gets there would be a really good time for me to come down to visit!

(What?! I've got ceiling fans to work on too, you know!)

neophyte said...

(I actually came back for the bubble wrap)


neophyte said...

Well I like the wrap, you know it's true
So I've come back to rap for you
With the pip, pop, pippity pop
I keep popppin bubbles and I ain't gonna stop

Do the bubble wrap rap!

Slyeyes said...

Neo! *snork*

It's good to see you've got your *pop* back.