Friday, September 23, 2005


I've discovered a quirk of mine that makes me rather uncomfortable. With each of these monster storms we've been having, after they approach the Cat 5 stage, the reporters start talking about how there have been only 3 Category 5's that have hit in the states. Inevitably and thankfully, with the cooler waters along the coasts, the storms drop in intensity. Each time that happens, I have a brief flash of "oh! so close!"

It's just a knee-jerk reaction. Storms of lesser intensity are good things. But the way the reporters talk about the storms, I find myself almost routing for a Category 5. Wrong wrong wrong.

Once the storms reach the Gulf, they just get worse and worse due to the warm water in there. Seems to me we need to fix that. Some thoughts.

* drag icebergs up from Antartica. Place them at the entrance to the Gulf.

* Drop loads of ice into the hurricane and cool it down.

* get a squadron of planes to fly clockwise around the hurricane; kind of neutralizing it, or unraveling it.

Imagine my surprise when I found out I'm not as crazy as I think. (Hey! I heard that!) CNN had this story yesterday.

OK, so they didn't think about flying the planes around the outside of the hurricane; but the icebergs were considered.

And I would be REALLY happy if another CAT 5 never hits again. I don't think Anderson Cooper could withstand it.


insomniac said...

and Andrew was only reclassified as a 5 ten years later...

I've mentioned elsewhere that my Dad knew Dr. Joanne Simpson who invented the scale.

Slyeyes said...

Dr. Simpson: Doh! That should be a 5, not a 4!

neophyte said...

I like the planes spinning the hurricane backward. Nice mental image: kind of Keystone Cops in the air.

Anonymous said...

How about dumping planeloads of tequila into the eye of the hurricane? Maybe that wouldn't slow it down, but the giant margarita should make riding the storm out a lot less painful.