Friday, September 30, 2005

IS IT A GOOD IDEA.... name a car after an alcoholic beverage?

*It helps to know that term means "beer" in a number of Slavic countries*


Eleanor said...

sly, *snork*

I love concept cars, you see them at all the Auto Shows. Fortunately, most of them never make it past the concept stage...:)

Kafaleni said...

*double snork*

Is it just me or does it look like someone's taken a giant bingo ball barrel and jammed it into a convertible until it fits?

insomniac said...

in the language of the people of Eastern Dzuzzistan it means 'rolling turret of shame'

Anonymous said...

I think the cockpit of this car should be stocked with lots of Slavic beer, and bumper car attractions at amusement parks should feature the new cars.

In fact, I think I'm onto a new business venture.