Sunday, September 25, 2005


I'm on my front porch, enjoying a cup of chocolate/almond rocca cappucino (yum) while a gentle rain is falling. By looking at the weather map, I notice this is the northern most remnants of Rita. About 36 hours ago, this system crashed ashore with 125 mile an hour winds, and now it is a soft rainfall on thirsty ground. On one side of me, I hear my neighbor's windchimes gently tinkling in the easy breeze. On the other side, I hear my other neighbor's soft curses because this means he'll have to mow the lawn. (hee hee)

I have a sister who lives 105 miles northwest of Galveston. After hunkering down the night before last, their only storm damage was a heavy loss of leaves and very little rain. By 10:00 am yesterday, they had sunny skies. We'll probably get more rain than they.

And the best part of it is, there's no Anderson Cooper in a red slicker standing out front yelling into a microphone that this is the wettest storm he's ever encountered.

(Seriously, Gloria, did you take drugs while you were carrying him?)


Eleanor said...

How would you even know for sure that it was a hurricane if Anderson wasn't there??
Huh? :)

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