Thursday, September 15, 2005


A certain vapid pop star and her even more vapid hubby just had a child....which is chilling enough. Then I found out that she just launched a new fragrance this past week as well. Many new mothers release a fragrance during childbirth, but seldom are they described as being " . . . all kinds of enchanting scents....lush red lychee......hint of cupcakes, white chocolate and jasmine."



I saw this story today about pregnant women panicking.

Panicking? I'm wondering, where are their mothers to guide them? Pregnancy is not new...although it's new to someone pregnant for the first time. HOWEVER, I heard on the radio this morning that the reason a certain vapid pop star had her child by C-Section was because her mother kept telling her how awful the experience of childbirth can be. !!!! One word: Epidural.

And a word to my daughters in the event they are reading this: (odds are, they aren't, but I digress) giving birth to you two was much easier than teaching either of you to swim. Especially Jenni. Oops, there goes that nervous eye twitch again. Yeah...oddly enough, drugs aren't allowed poolside.

And then there's this story:

Lena Driskell, 78, who was indicted for the June jealous-rage fatal shooting her former boyfriend, age 85, in an Atlanta senior citizens' home and who told police upon her arrest, "I did it, and I'd do it again!" [San Francisco Chronicle-AP, 7-11-05] [Newsday-AP, 6-24-05]

1. What did -- or could -- an 85 year old man do to cause a fit of jealous rage.

2. Seriously, at the age of 78...what are the odds she would do it again?


insomniac said...

finding out that her 85 year old man was capable of anything might have made her angry

Jeff Meyerson said...

Maybe he shared his pudding with another to speak.

Good points on vapid Brit and her vapid mom and hubby. The scary partis that we're supposed to care about these ninnies. Honestly, you should have seen the extremely over the "entertainment reporter" on one of the morning shows today practically having orgasms over this. I think his blond dye job wasn't going to hold if he got any more excited.

Eleanor said...

28, 38, 58, 78 - apparently you never stop caring, or getting pissed off!

punky said...

Maybe he changed another woman's diaper ... wink wink ... ew.

sly ... do us a favor ... and write about teaching your girls to swim! I'd love to read THAT.

little sly said...

whatever you did, worked. I love swimming! I did hate swimming lessons, though.

BTW...HA, I read it!

Slyeyes said...

I remember all the screaming; and you trying to climb the fence to get away from the water.

And that was after taking you to Waterbabies so you wouldn't be afraid of the water.

That's money I'll never see again.

Kafaleni said...


I'd say she got dumped for a younger senior citizen.

Therapy is a booming business these days. Soon there will be life coaches for pregnancies. And before any of you run out and open up shops to do just that, I'm patenting the idea.

neophyte said...

Mmmm, fragrance of cupcakes... Makes sense to me... for my 6 year old to wear. Or if you want to attract a man who is emotionally still a child.

Having babies: surely healing from a C-section is more painful than labor?

The senior citizen story? " and women... even into their 80s and 90s can be quite sexually active with multiple partners..."

Hi, Little Sly! *grins mischievously* I think you ought to write and tell us some stories about your mother!

Anonymous said...

RE: #2 - if she's going to do it again, all I can say is that she'd better not waste any time!