Tuesday, August 30, 2005


New Orleans breathed a prayer of thanks on Monday morning when Katrina veered to the right. Things were going to be bad, but not as bad as they had feared.

Then the levee broke.

Look around the city in which you live and imagine it becoming suddenly uninhabitable. For everyone.

Lives are gone.
Homes are gone.
Possessions are gone.
Jobs are gone.
Roads are gone.
The newspaper is closed.
Banks are closed.
Emergency services have poor communications as radios are failing.
No food.
No water.
Bodies are seen floating in the water.
Cemetaries have been destroyed and caskets of the long dead are floating away.
Hospitals are closed; the patients being airlifted to other hospitals. Do their families know where they are going? Are their families alive?

Life's necessities are gone or going while flood water is in abundance.

Bad enough yet? Here come the alligators, snakes, and looters. In hours, the city known as The Big Easy became a third world country. And those scenes were repeated all along the Gulf Coast.

Some are calling this the American Tsunami. Does it matter? Gone is gone; no matter what the method was.

Cherish and be thankful for who you have and what you have; because in the blink of an eye, it could be gone.

Salavation Army on-line donations

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MrFisher said...

Yeah. Amazing. Simply mind blowing. I have a couple of co-workers whose families lived there and had to pack up and drive to Tulsa to crash with them for how ever long it takes to get back to functioning. WOW. Kinda Flushes a guys depression right down the rimsh!tter. ;)

Ok, I think I finally got it. Sheeesh. That'll learn me to try and drink and type.

punky said...

Well hell, Sly ... way to get me all teary eyed and depressed before I even finish my first cup of coffee.

Your description of their devastation is poignant, to say the least.

It does put our non-life threatening problems into perspective, doesn't it?

Jeff Meyerson said...

I actually saw someone trying to justify it by saying they had to loot stores for what they need to survive. Yeah, gotta get that Rolex or die.

First they didn't leave when a mandatory evacuation order was given. (Perhaps they should have used words of one syllable?) They had no transportation or blah blah blah. Then they loot the city for goodies while everything around them is falling apart. It is infuriating.

It makes me sick to think what is happening to a favorite city, all the places we know. And that's just one of all the places suffering from this. Really sad.

Eleanor said...

Some of them were unable to leave, because of disability, transportation or whatever else made them into the lower classes of society, and that is very sad....
And some did steal food, and who could really blame them...
And the rest of them deserve what you said, Jeff....

Slyeyes said...

What bothered me were the reports of the hospital workers on the roof of a parking garage helping load patients onto helicopters while their cars were being looted in that same garage. I doubt that those looters were getting items they need for survival. They were just doing it 'cause they knew the cops were busy elsewhere.

I'm not having so much of a problem with the people looting the stores. It's wrong....but the inventory MAY be written up as a loss anyway by the owners.

For the ones stealing the electronic stuff....good luck with that. Wonder where they are going to use them. I saw a guy carrying a bunch of fishing poles out of Wal!Mart. He's probably thinking that at least he'll be able to have fish to eat. After hearing about the water....{shudder}... that fish would NOT be good eatin'! The people getting food, diapers, water, dry clothes, I can understand.

Desperate times.

MrFisher said...

Hey! I heard that!

*pouts and sticks out big fat lower fish lip*

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