Friday, September 16, 2005


It must have been one heck of a funeral to re-enact it.


Kafaleni said...

In this media savvy day and age, the reenactment was probably so they had funeral footage if Admiral Nelson ever happened to be mentioned on the news. On a kind of side note.. when "Pride and Prejudice" was made into a miniseries several years back, (catapulting Colin Firth to international stardom), rumour has it that the following conversation was heard at a publicity party

Reporter1: So, who's the author again?
Reporter2: Jane Austen
Reporter1: Hmm.. I haven't seen her here tonight. Is she available for interviews?

Eleanor said...

Key quote in article: I missed the first one 200 years ago.


Eleanor said...

It's the British - what else is there to say?

But the Slide Show is pretty cool, especially if you put in on "fast" speed!

insomniac said...

Is Jane Austen available for interviews?

reminds me of this exchange...

Reporter: So you've just come back from Greece, Shaq, did you see the Parthenon?

Shaq: I don't remember the names of all the clubs we went to.