Saturday, August 13, 2005


My Dad, daughter, son-in-law and I are leaving tomorrow to go trout fishing for a few days at Bennett Springs State Park in South Central Missouri. When I was growing up, we went trout fishing quite often; usually at Montauk State Park, which is only a couple of hours away. Bennett Springs is further away from here. When Jenni was younger, she and I sometimes went fishing together; just the two of us, leaving Meghan at home with her Dad. We would generally go to either Montauk or Maramec Springs Park; which is not to be confused with Meramec State Park. Notice the difference in spelling. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Several times in the past few years, Jenni and my Dad would go on a fishing holiday, spending a great time together. I haven't gone for a number of years, and decided it's time.

This will be my son-in-law's first time fishing since he was five years old. Apparently, there was a rather traumatic event at that time that has kept him from fishing ever since. While he was fishing, a crawdad somehow latched onto his big toe. Naturally, this scared the little guy and he kicked his foot around, screaming to get it off. Before anyone could reach him, a cat attacked the crawdad which was attacking his toe. To this day, he avoids fish, crawdads and cats. It is a measure of his love for my daughter that he's agreeing to do this.

Dad told me that the State of Missouri has changed the daily limits on catching trout. The limit used to be 5, which I reached only once. I would generally catch only 3 or 4. Dad was saddened to have to tell me that the limit is now 4. I can only see that as an advantage, because now I have a better chance of getting my limit.


Marie said...

Break a leg, Sly. :-)

Do you release the trout after catching them or do you eat some?

Kafaleni said...

I had a bad experience the one time I went fishing, more emotional than physical, though. Since I don't eat the stuff, I have flat-out refused to go again.

I went on a school expedition down to the local wharf to "fish" in the lovely polluted waters of Lyall Bay in Wellington. I went to a small school, so the trip consisted of a group of about 20 of us, which was the 3rd - 6th grade total student roll. The older children were supposed to help the younger ones. I was about 8, and the older girl helping me caught a goldfish (or something similar). Before I could look at it twice, she'd unhooked it, left it flopping desperately on a bench by the water, pulled out a penknife and gutted it. I just flipped out.

Thanks for letting me have a therapeutic vent. I'll get over it eventually

Leetie said...


Slyeyes said...

Marie, we usually have a fishfry and eat most of the fish.

Rainbow trout. Yum

Jeff Meyerson said...

At summer camp, on rainy days they would cancel all normal activities (horseback riding, archery, baseball) and let us do what we want. This including fishing with rolled up balls of white bread as bait. We never caught much but had a good time.

MrFisher said...

Nothing worng with eating a lotta Fish.

MrFisher said...

or possibly wrong even