Monday, August 01, 2005


One would think that being in a golf foursome with one's ex would provide a lot of blog fodder.

Amazingly, no. Other than playing a not-so-hideous game of golf, the day was pleasantly uneventful.

The reason my ex and I were in a foursome was due to a family gathering for our daughter receiving her Master's Degree in Math Education. A year ago at this time, we had all gathered for her wedding. The day before the wedding, our son-in-law hosted the First Annual Ball & Chain Invitational. I didn't get to play because I was busy finishing the necklaces I was making for the wedding party.

When we gathered this year, it was decided we should hold the Second Annual Ball & Chain Invitational.

There had been a heatwave earlier in the week, but the weather broke the day before. We all met at the golf course under beautiful blue skies and pleasing 75 degree weather. When we formed our foursomes, it ended up that I was in one with my ex and our daughters. It was also was my fourth time playing golf. Ever. I figured all of that added up to some good stories to relate.

We played "best ball" (even used my ball on a number of occasions) and I didn't have to go upside anyone's head with my 9-iron. The fact that we used my ball several times was an indication that either I'm better than we all thought, or they all suck. I'd say it wase actually a combination of the two. I did manage to lose two balls, but found three others, so I figure I came out ahead.

On the third hole the others had already putted and had done poorly. Jenni said, "It's up to you, Mom, save us." As I was lining up my putt, my ex grabbed his throat and started making choking noises. I glanced over at him, held up my putter and said "Don't forget, I am armed."

Basically, that was about it.

Blog-wise, a disappointing day.

Family-wise, a success. And that's what really counts.


Eleanor said...

Sometimes it's worth it to lose out on a good story for a good RL experience! :)

wysiwyg said...

Good one Sly!

Sounds a tad better than my average day on the golf course - I generally come out three balls lost, two found.

My own mother, on the other hand, was a dab hand golfer - handicap around 14 or some such. I obviously never inherited the genes.

SHE used to hit her ball into the rough on PURPOSE on some holes, in order to collect lost balls. Ended up with sveral hundred practice balls that way - and I'm not making that up!