Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I ordered my iPhone this past Saturday.


The local Apple Store had a full supply of them


My AT&T wireless account is not due for an upgrade.


My friend Judy has an upgrade available that she was willing to loan to me.


The local Apple Store that has a full supply of them could not process a transaction where I would be borrowing an upgrade.


So we went to the local AT&T store who could process a transaction where I would be borrowing an upgrade.


But they do not have any iPhones in stock so I placed an order and have to WAIT (argh!!) 7 - 10 days.


I received an e-mail from AT&T Sunday night that my order has been shipped.


I checked the tracking information Monday afternoon and found out that my iPhone has been spending the ENTIRE DAY traveling from one side of Ft. Worth to the other.

(boo) and (huh?) (What does Ft. Worth have to do with Apple and iPhones?)


I just checked the tracking and my iPhone is HERE. In ST. LOUIS. Well, Berkeley, at the "sorting facility" for the delivery service being used (the same one that was in the plane crash in Castaway.)

(so, YAY)

SURELY the iPhone will be delivered to the store TODAY!!

(another YAY)

I'm going to the Cardinal ballgame tonight.

(and another YAY -- oh, wait a minute----)

With work

(oh -- yeah--that)

So I'll have to WAIT until tomorrow night!


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Jerry said...

He could have had a rubber foot prosthesis attached in a previous surgery. Did they ever think of THAT?

What the world needs is more noise. Or maybe drivers who can SEE.

You are getting an iPhone
I won't be making you jealous with mine anymore