Wednesday, October 05, 2005


You slept through the High School English Class; now sleep through the The Rock Opera!!


insomniac said...

Hrothgar: Ever since I was a young king, with soldiers in my hall
From Geatland down to Mercia, I've must seen them all.
But I ain't seen nothing like him,be he lord, or serf, or thrall
That big, hairy Beowulf sure makes the monsters fall!

His sword arm is unnatural, killed Grendel and his mom
Never has a problem, despatches with aplomb
I'm sure he'll be played by Arnold, no matter where he's from
That big,hairy Beowulf sure makes the monsters fall!

He's got Grendel's gizzard
His fighting can't be missed
He's stronger than a blizzard
Just don't get him really pissed!

Eleanor said...

Bravo, insom!

sly, the Rock Opera could really turn it around for the kids and turn out to be a must see! Sounds like more fun than Clift Notes anyway!

Slyeyes said...

I'd see it if insomniac wrote the lyrics.


neophyte said...

COOL! Write some more, Insomniac!

insomniac said...

("Superstar")(from J.C.Superstar)

Unferth: Thinking 'bout your story,I see its one of those things.
Looking like a refugee from 'Lord of the Rings'
Killing a big dragon just to get all its bling,
Why not just stay home and be a forgotten king?
In the third millennium you'd be a real sensation!
B-Wulf action figures would have rocked the whole nation!
Don't you get me wrong -I only want to know.
Beowulf, Beowulf
Who are you? Is that a bad case of body lice?
Beowulf, Ubermensch
Are you the source of that ungodly stench?