Wednesday, June 22, 2005


All is better. Since the order did not go through on the website, SBC was able to expedite things and get me set up for tomorrow. I still have to wait until the 30th for DSL. When I was getting my phone service on the 28th, they told me it will take two business days after the phone is turned on; and that would be the 30th.

NOW, they are telling me that the DSL takes up to 5 business days after the phone is hooked up, which takes us to the 30th.

What's so special about the 30th?


Jeff Meyerson said...

What's so special about the 30th?

It's the end of the quarter?
It's the company president's lucky number?
It's far enough away to sound impressive yet remote enough that they're hoping you forget about them by then, when the whole place (including Fred) will be on vacation?

Beats me.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I almost feel like I should have yelled "FIRST" like the goobers on Dave's blog.

Brat said...

Netscape has a free trial of their dial up web-accelerator version. Maybe that would be a stop-gap till the DSL gets there.

Reaches into SBC magic jar ... and pulls out 721

Drat, looks like I'd have to wait a really long time.

Oh, and Jeff, you are so FIRST (snork, chortle).

Jas... said...

Great blog. Excellent humor and writing style. I'm definitely a repeater!

Slyeyes said...

Thanks, J.A.

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