Wednesday, June 22, 2005


I'm currently on hold with a major utility, which I won't name. I'll just use their initials, SBC. A couple of weeks ago, I had called them to arrange switching my telephone and DSL service to my new location.

As I was on hold, I kept hearing the message that all of that can be done on their website. So, I went to the website and signed up to have that done. Licketsplit. Piece of cake. Ain't the internet great.

I had originally planned on having the utilities switched tomorrow. With my sister helping out, I could be two places at once. However, she's not able to be here, so I want to change everything to Friday.

As I was on hold with the above-mentioned SBC, I again heard the recording advising me about using their website. In this event, I chose not to.

As it ends up, they do NOT have me scheduled for any change of service. The individual I spoke with, Debbie, advised me she had just gotten off the phone with someone else who had set up new service through the website, and no one has shown up. The order on the website didn't go through.

Well......they won't be able to get my phone going at the new place until next week, I need to be there AND to get the DSL installed will take another two days. And I have to be there.

I referred her to her statement about the website problems. I am now holding while she chases down a supervisor to see if something can be expedited. She said the supervisors seem to be unusually busy.

Gee, wonder why.

In the meantime, as I hold, I am constantly reassured that my call is important to them; and that many services can be handled through their website.


Brat said...

I love those phone guys! They are almost as bad as those banking bureaucrats who shall remain nameless (BOFA).

Hang in there Sly - maybe you'll get one of those after "service" surveys and you can unload on them.

Jeff Meyerson said...

"Your (not you're) call is important to us so please hold on for another 27 minutes, while we try to sell you things you don't need or want. In addition, we'll keep telling you how important your call is to us even though there is only one live person in the building - Fred, an incompetent loon who styles himself 'assistant caretaker'."

Is that anywhere close? (The last part was taken from a favorite Britcom, The Good Life, by the way.)