Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Last night, I finished installing the washer and dryer, an activity that required more additions to my toolbox. Some friends helped me the other night with getting the washer level; a cute trick as there is a slope in the floor. Two boards of different thicknesses were called into service. And one of the boards is a decorative chatcke I had tole-painted years ago. Oh well, it's being of better service this way.

After getting it level, I needed to fashion a pipe leading from the laundry tub to the drain. This required my purchasing things that had unfamiliar names; at least to me. PVC (which I thought was an illegal drug), elbow joints, male and female connectors and P-trap. P-trap. Who comes up with these names?

Then there was the glue for the joints, which is a two-part process. There's a can of purple stuff and a can of white gooey stuff. When they are put together, a chemical process occurs and it makes PVC and the segments of the pipe all become one piece. At least that's how it was explained to me.

As the guy at the hardware store was telling me how to assemble all of this, he used the term "hacksaw". He apparently could tell from my expression that I don't have one and said a butcher knife would do as well. I decided I'd come this far, I'd go ahead and get a hacksaw. (and may I say, that name sounds quite brutal.)

He tried to get the lid off the glue to show me the applicator but couldn't. I pointed out that if he couldn't, I sure as heck wasn't going to be able to. He suggested I just use pliers. He saw the look on my face and went over and picked up a pair of cheap pliers and handed them to me, suggesting I get those as well, which I did.

He went on to explain how I cut the PVC, then use some fine sandpaper to rub on the edges. He asked if I had that and I mentioned I have an emory board. I got an eyeroll for that and he said, "yeah, that'll work."

After getting all of that, and two hoses for the water supply, I went home and starting assembling my first drain pipe. You know, basically a piece of cake. I did it in 20 minutes. I did manage to kick over the can of purple stuff. I think the fumes made me a little high. After washing the glue down the drain, I stood back and admired my work.

Then noticed that in our efforts to get the washer as level as possible, the dryer was next to the wall....and a foot in front of a pipe supporting the ceiling, blocking the door of the dryer.



Leetie said...

First! Woo hoo! Free Car!

Leetie said...

So, were you able to noodge the dryer around a bit so the door doesn't hit the pipe? I hope you don't have to move the washer after all that!! :)

Slyeyes said...

I did manage to scoot the dryer around so it's kind of katycorner. It opens. It works. I'll live with it.

kibby F5 said...

Well sly, you're all set up to install lawn sprinklers next! You have the PVC experience, the blue stuff and the glue. (Blue stuff does smell good doesn't it?)

OR, with smaller PVC pipes (and your drill) you can install a "dripper" sprinkler for planters.

WOW! Just think of the construction joys you can have now!!

Punky Brewster said...

Sly ... keep up the great work. Your posts are a blast to read.

Love and hugs,


Jeff Meyerson said...

Sly, soon you'll have your own reality show fixing houses! As someone who would rather hire (or cajole) someone else to do stuff for me I am especially impressed.

But then, we rent so why should I do big stuff myself?

Eleanor said...

sly - I learned all about the PVC pipes, the female and male stuff, etc from CG when he fixed my sprinkler pipes. And you know that stuff was named by someone (probably a woman) deliberately to sound dirty, so they'd have an incentive to do the work; i.e., woo hoo, I'm putting the male joint into the female one!!! *snork*
Let me know where to pick up the car!

Slyeyes said...

Jeff, I rent also. But some things, I thought I could do myself. And,surprise! I can.

I had just asked the landlord about a garage door opener. He said if I buy it, he'll install it, but not until September because he's going to Europe.

Hmmmm, maybe I'll tackle that. How hard can that be???????

Brat said...

Sly - you are a brave soul. I HATE plumbing repair. The best strategy (to date) for preventing a dozen trips to the hardware store is to take a look at what needs "fixin", buy one of everything from the wall out.

Maybe its just me, but if (for example) the P-Trap needs replacing, anything else in the path of the drain that I touch in the process of replacing it will desintegrate. So I just get all the parts I could possibly need plus a few.

Then when you get through take what you didn't use back.

Brat said...

p.s. - Mr. Murphy's laws don't apply only to computing.

Like.... "Whatever can go wrong, will" seems tailor made for plumbing.

Marie said...

This deserves a standing ovation, Sly. I don't think I'd be able to survive the interrogation in the store.

Marvin | Paranoid Android said...

*gives sly a standing O*

little sly said...

So, no shoe used???? An imposter must've written this!