Friday, June 24, 2005


No matter how old one gets, one should keep learning. Today, I learned:
  • During my life's journey, I've amassed a great deal of maple furniture
  • I'm not that crazy about maple furniture
  • I don't have enough room for all of this frikking maple furniture
  • My new home has been generously blessed with windows
  • My new home has NOT yet been generously blessed with window treatments
  • My new neighbor, whom I have not met, is a brunette
  • My new neighbor,whom I have not met, also has not been generously blessed with window treatments
  • Some people would say that my new neighbor has been generously blessed in other ways that are more important than window treatments
  • New technology and older homes don't always mix
  • Only one outlet in my new --older--home takes three pronged plugs
  • After logging off tonight, I hope I remember to plug the refrigerator back in.
  • It's a good idea to take the first shower in the new place when one is fully awake and not drop dead tired and operating on autopilot.
  • The hot water heater here works. Very well.
  • I have a teeny tiny garage
  • The car I borrowed from my ex (because my car died) is way too big and does not fit into the garage
  • Apparently, I need to review my divorce settlement.
  • One CAN be too tired to sleep.


Jeff Meyerson said...

So why do you have the maple furniture?

One thing I've learned: Other than Kevin Kline in In and Out (NTTAWWT), "window treatments" is not a concept most guys are comfortable with.

One more thing: what is a window treatment?

Eleanor said...

sly -

Word for YOUR day -
Adapters! My hose is old too and I have them everywhere!

Jeff Meyerson said...

My hose is old too and I have them everywhere!

I could say something really funny here, El, but I'm restraining myself.

I hope you appreciate that.

Higgy said...

The rest of us appreciate it, Jeff...

Thanks for refraining from pointing out "ELEANOR HAS a hose??" or "She has hoses everywhere?" or "Her hose is too old?"

Really - the fields just wide open there...