Friday, November 24, 2006


I've been doing a fair amount of traveling the last couple of weeks; mostly visiting family.

First, there was the trip to visit Meghan.

I had planned to just spend one night, but ended up getting a late start AND making the trip during thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes and a leaking sunroof. The normally 3 1/2 hour trip ended up taking 5 hours; 2 1/2 of which I spent treading water while driving. After all of that, I figured we deserved to spend the entire weekend together rather than a quick overnight visit; so I cancelled my Saturday night plans and we went out to dinner.

Since it was the first weekend of the lights at Patti's 1880 Settlement, we figured it would be the perfect place for dinner. And it was.

The following weekend, I flew up to visit Jenni and Tim. OF COURSE, I had issues at the security gate. Wanting to make things as easy as possible, I put all of my electronic devices and power cords into their own zip lock baggies; and put some makeup in another one.

BUT, my bags were withheld for "bag check".

I made the mistake of taking this purse. I hadn't used it for awhile, and at the security gate, I remembered why: THINGS hide in that purse. The security person found an errant bottle of nail polish and declared that they would have to confiscate it.

I asked why.

I was told because it was not in a ziplock baggie.


So, I picked up the baggie containing the makeup, unzipped it, and she dropped it into the baggie. I was then able to take it with me; the flight apparently being safe since the bottle of OPI polish was secure in a baggie.

(imagine me rolling my eyes)

During the weekend, Jenni and Tim celebrated the 29 months of their marriage by getting the top layer of the wedding cake out of the freezer, defrosting it and serving it for breakfast Saturday morning.

The reason for getting it out of the freezer MAY have had more to do with needing room than wanting to celebrate 29 months of wedded bliss. It wasn't a reflection on the marriage; just a reflection on the fact that the space in the freezer was REALLY needed.

By the way, we each took a bite and then threw it out. While it tasted OK, we just couldn't get past the idea we were eating 2 1/2 year old frozen cake.

While I was there, Jenni asked for my help with making some curtains for their bathroom.


Jenni apparently got me confused with her OTHER mother because, basically, I don't sew. Oh, I made curtains for her room and Meghan's room when they were babies. But that was last century, for crying out loud!!

Next on the agenda was decorating the house for the entree portion of a progressive dinner they were hosting on Sunday night.

Basically, it was pretty much a Martha Stewart Before The Incarceration Weekend.

And that's a good thing.


Jeff Meyerson said...

Basically, it was pretty much a Martha Stewart Before The Incarceration Weekend.


Good times with the girls.

KUKLFC - not gonna go there.

wysiwyg said...

The bit I don't get is why they thing putting things in a zip-lock bag is any more secure than having them rolling about in your baggage.

Or is it that they think terrorists can't work a zip-lock bag?

Eleanor said...

*waves hi to wysi*
Yes, I think the terrorists are not trained in the Opening A Ziploc Bag deal!

Great report, sly! I'd forgotten the "purse" post. It's a great looking purse, though! ;)

Peri said...

I just love your SIL's hair. These kids are going to give you terminally cute grandchildren.

{{Happy Thanks, sly!}}

Jenni said...

By the way, mom did sew a lot more than curtains. She made lots of intricate halloween costumes back in the day. Why she's decided she can't sew and couldn't help me with curtains is beyond my comprehension. Also I don't think enough attention was given to those outstanding turkeys we made!!!