Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My voting experience yesterday morning was not the norm for me. Usually "Something" happens. Other than waiting in line, the morning went fairly smoothly.

When I woke up, the news was on and reporting that there were no lines at the polls in Kirkwood. I checked the clock, 6:02, bounded out of bed, threw on a pair of sweats, brushed my teeth and headed for the polls, which are located just three blocks away.

OK, as soon as the news reporter went off the air, voters apparently rushed the polling place. At 6:10, and there was already a long line. The three new electronic booths were working well. The 4 “paper booths” were not. Those worked like the scan sheets in school for tests, where you fill in the bubbles. Apparently, they weren’t scanning in as they should. Pens were being handed out for them; but I wondered if #2 pencils would work better.

Anyway, it took me a little over an hour; no one shook their finger at me, no one slammed The Large and Mysterious Book of Voters while heavily sighing. It was as if they did not care at all that I needed blog fodder!!

But they gave me a sticker for being a good voting do-bee.


Trillian DBB said...

hee hee doobie

Jeff Meyerson said...

How come all you guys get stickers for being good citizens and we don't?

I guess Brooklyn don't play that.

Susan said...

I got a sticker too.

Apparently it was one of the "old" stickers though, not the "new" style.

Oh well. I did vote though.


It's true. I before E...except after C.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate it when things go smoothly? I mean, a girl's gotta have BLOG FODDER, fergodsake!

PS - Does anyone really bound out of bed? Maybe if it's 9:05 and you needed to be at work by 9. But to vote?

Tramp said...

Once again my choice was left off the ballot.

That would be the 'none of the above' choice.

And Trillian, a doobie might not hurt, considering our choices!