Thursday, October 12, 2006


Due to clamoring that I haven't posted anything for awhile, I went digging around in the blog closet and found something I wrote over a week ago but for unknown reasons, I didn't post it.

OK, I re-read it and I see why I didn't post it; I'm not crazy about it, but to quiet the clamoring, I'll go ahead and hit "publish".


So, I've been busy cooking, cleaning and doing laundry today. My right heel started to scream at me, so I went to take some ibuprofen. It seems I'm out; and I have to stay here to wait for the satellite guys.

Then I remember reading something lately about extra-virgin olive oil having the same anti-inflammatory properties as ibuprofen, and it's easy on the stomach.

So I fix myself a caprese salad (tomatoes, fresh mozarella cheese and fresh basil ---yes I typically have those things on hand, but not ibuprofen) and drizzle a generous amount of olive oil all over it.

As I'm eating and watching the Cardinals sneak into the post-season back door, I'm surfing the internet about joint pain, etc. and read how tomatoes can exacerbate that. And I remember Leetie mentioning that as well.

I look down at my plate. I'm eating tomatoes with olive if I drink a cup of olive oil, with that overtake the tomatoes?


By the way, is it possible for one person to clamor? If not, is it just called "nagging"?

Does anyone know how to change the date of a post?


insomniac said...

*imagining tomatos going down sly's well-oiled alimentary canal like it was a water slide at a theme park*


Anonymous said...

I was just going to get on here and clamor, but I obviously didn't have to. Thanks for giving me something to read when I wanted to avoid working :)

Anonymous said...

sorry, that last anonymous was me, Jenni.

wysiwyg said...


If you go into Blogger to look at the list of posts, click "Edit" on the post you want to change the date on, then click on the "Post and Comment Options" tag on the bottom left hand corner of the screen, the date and time settings are lurking in there.

Its a great way to do the time warp. And its just a jump to the left....

El said...

wysi!!! Hi!

sly, I was mentally clamoring - every day, so thank you. :)

Alex said...

Funny you mention tomatoes. That's what I was stuck on when I cleaned out the writing cobwebs, too.

neophyte said...

Oh. I was going to explain the date thing but Wysi beat me to it.

Sly, you could do an experiment to see if the tomatoes and olive oil cancel each other out. Youy know, like the guy Boom Boom told us about who pitted Kaopectate and Ex-Lax against each other.

Slyeyes said...

Thanks, wys.

*goes to jump to the left*

Peri said...

I clamour, so it wasn't me doing it.
One person certainly can clamor - Jamie does it all the time.

Leetie said...

Peri's spelling "clamour" makes me think of love -- bivalve style.