Sunday, October 15, 2006


This is the objective:

This is what it currently looks like:

A review of my previous experience with tools can be found Here, and here, and a reminder about my toolbox:

The time right now is 2:18 pm, CDT.

I'm going in.

Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MEGHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE #1 2:27 PM CDT. Does anyone see an Allen Wrench in that tool box? Nope, neither do I. I also don't see anything in my utensil drawer that can be used as a substitute.

UPDATE #2 2:30 PM CDT: From the instructions "2 people are required to safely assemble this product." So, it doesn't say that it can't be done by one person, right?

UPDATE #3 4:35 PM CDT:

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! By myself. Not too bad, only three pinched fingers.

But I'm in a quandry as to what to put on top of it.

There's this:

Or this:

Then there's this dipping set I'm thinking about getting:

Dipping set? Yeah. For dipping bread into olive oil. They have sets for that. Really. News to me, too, but I kinda like it. And I think it would look good on top of the wine table.


insomniac said...

no!!! stop!!!! it's not safe!!!!

DDi said...

It's beautiful Sly! Great job!!!

*claps wildly*

Now, can you swing by and give me a hand with the wine rack I bought a few months ago thats still sitting in the box in the basement? Thanks! ;)

Jeff Meyerson said...

Way to go, Sly! You rock. I had to assemble the wheelie chair I'm sitting on (actually, two of them), which wouldn't have been a problem other than the fact there is no way to hold the back and side together AND screw in the screws without another person to hold the pieces close.

rita said...

Good job! Now, I have this cute baker's rack that I started putting together about 5 years ago. I got as far as attaching the main shelf to the legs when I realized that the shelf was on backwards.

I still haven't worked up the energy to fix it.

WriterDude said...

Well done, from the guy who left his guest bath vanity in its box for nearly a year.

PS: Check your email, please -- you'll find my numbers there to get in touch.

Kafaleni said...

Nice work, honey! Cute dipping set, too! I knew exactly what it was!

insomniac said...

while waiting for St.Louis Cardinals news or Vegas news, i can only say... nice rack!

kdublub - what Mr. Britney Spears' heart sounds like

El said...

Well done!

I like the pictures or the dipping set for the top, the sugar bowl, not so much....:)

bqxzx - no thanks, I don't make biscuits.