Saturday, September 02, 2006


.......Federal Duck is alive and well.

I talked with the little duckmeister earlier tonight and he wanted everyone to know he hasn't migrated south for the winter.


But there is reason to be concerned. His roommate was a professional cheerleader, a woman of the female gender. He moved out and got his own place.


Is that normal?

Since it's been awhile since we've heard from him, here's his photo to refresh your memories:

UPDATE: By the way, Fed is promising to launch his new blog soon. Watch this space for further details.


El said...

I *quack* for the Duck!

(that's YAY in DuckSpeak)

Susan said...


*watches space*

Jeff Meyerson said...

Move over, Susan.

*watches space too*

KDF said...

*tosses little bits of stale bread on Lab's lawn*

Kafaleni said...

*creates pyramid by climbing Jeff n Susan's shoulders*

*watches space*

Mad Scientist said...

sets out stealthy duck trap and sneaks back to the lab

writerdude said...

Good to know Fed is still flying free. What with his disappearnce from Dave's blog, I'd begun to fear he'd fallen victim to this guy.

Higgy said...

*tickles Susan and Jeff, thus causing the pyramid to fall over*

Where's the Duckster? And WHY did he move out from the cheerleader??!?!?!?!

Inquiring - well, horny - minds want to know.