Monday, September 11, 2006


Yesterday, I attended a church service with my daughters and son-in-law. The message was delivered by a missionary who had been serving in the Congo for the last 25 years with his wife. We learned that since 9/11/01, the Congo has lost several million people. The daily loss of life there is around a thousand people due to the civil wars.

This information wasn't given to us with the attitude of "9/11 was nothing, you should see what's going on over there."

He quoted a Bible verse that gets him through the day. I Timothy; 1:7. "for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and good thinking." Living in fear is not the answer.

The following are photos taken this past July of the 9/11 Memorial on Staten Island. The overall image of the memorial is that of two postcards fluttering in the wind; the inside of the memorial are profiles of those from Staten Island who lost their lives on 9/11; and one who died in the bombing in 1993.

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Anonymous said...

If the guy's message wasn't "Hey, 9/11 was nothing, you should see what's going on over there," it sure could have been. What a mess they have!