Tuesday, May 02, 2006


This coming weekend, I'll be motoring to Memphis to meet up with Lab and the Duck. Next weekend, I'll fly to Texarkana to join Moose and Squirrel.

Seriously, this coming weekend is the Memphis In May International Festival, and I'm joining some friends there; Lab and his wife, The Wench (real names Gary and Cindy); and Federal Duck (real name Daffy).

I finally got around to making hotel reservations tonight. Had I known it was the Memphis In May INTERNATIONAL Festival, I might have made the reservations a little further ahead of time. I mean, I didn't know I was going to be competing with an international contingent of music lovers.

Pricel!ne.com basically laughed at me. I did get a suggestion from them of a motel in a podunk town in Mississippi, just across the border from Memphis. I ran it by Lab, who advised me to see if it was near cas!nos, and to read the reviews. The only review mentioned a bullet hole in the mirror. Seriously, a bullet hole. And mold on the walls. I'm guessing a guest may have been shooting at varmits in the room.

So, I passed on that, and found something else that is in the actual state of Tennessee, has a high probability of not having been a recent crime scene and offers a complimentary continental breakfast.

This is gonna be fun.

And yes, I know that a complimentary continental breakfast in Tennessee is probably a powdered donut and a Yoohoo.

UPDATE: Bloglit "Wysiwyg" from Canberra, Australia asked if a YooHoo is the same thing as a "WooHoo". Um. No. It is considered by some to be a drink of chocolatey wonderment. Apparently, after having a drink of it, one is moved to say "Yoo Hoo". I'll admit to drinking it as a kid, until I got one that was w-a-a-a-y past it's "born on date" out of a vending machine. Nasty!! Haven't had one since.

On its website, there is a link to "nutritional information." I laughed at the concept of YooHoo and Nutrition. But I checked it out and silly me; it even has riboflavin. Whatever that is.

UPDATE UPDATE: El asked if there is a picture of the hotel. I do happen to have one, but it's a little old.

Federal Duck gently chastised me about the Tennessee breakfast. He says that I'm wrong, it is really a Moon Pie and an RC Cola.

Fed, that is apparently lunch.

I'm going to need insulin after this weekend.

UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE: Lab is already calling me names. *snork*


Tramp said...

I’m experiencing travel envy. I’m going to Altoona, PA tomorrow on business. It’s something.

Tramp said...

Also, you have insulted the entire state of Tennessee. It's glazed.

wysiwyg said...

A "Yoohoo"? Pardon my Oz ignorance, but what on earth is that?

In the SIMS game, when two characters fall in love and...err..."get together", its referred to as a "Woohoo".

Is a "Yoohoo" anything along those lines?

Jeff Meyerson said...

As an Australian, wys, you are probably not familiar with the great Yogi Berra, who used to hawk YooHoo. The commercials (Geezer Alert) used to have people (young women?) singing,

"Mee-hee for Yoo-Hoo,
It's Yogi Berra's favorite drink."

Anyway, have fun, sly. I still think you should have met us at Jazzfest in New Orleans. And we're getting real HOT food for breakfast.

But I won't drink the (non bottled) water.

Slyeyes said...

Jeff, I tried going to New Orleans; but the airfare from St. Louis was over $600.00. And that was a month in advance.

Anonymous said...

Sly - You underestimate our heritage. In Tennessee we rock Moon Pies and RC as the bourgeoisie breakfast of choice.

Also, Lab tried to sell you a pizza? Should I ask or just let it go?


El said...

Is there a pic of the hotel?

wysiwyg said...

Thanks for the explain Sly. Pity though, I was down the track with plans to move into the hotel full time given they offered woohoos for breakfast each day.

But now I understand what the drink is, and with the perspective Jeff has put on it, I think I'll steer clear and stick to the beer instead. Even with breakfast.

Of course this means that Yoohoos will be the next American import to Oz.

Which leads me to reflect on RC cola, an import that never really made it in the Oz market. Possibly because when you say "RC" it sounds very much like "arsey", which is an Oz term describing a smart aleck or someone who is unreasonably lucky, as in: "Take a look at that arsey b@astard Bruce, he's only been in the pub five minutes and he's already pulled a sheila!".

Higgy said...

Wys - I would have thought that was "jammy b@stard Bruce"??

"Pulling a sheila" sounds vaguely like he's done something breathtakingly stupid that was first done by Sheila, and was thus named after her. Like that time I molested a statue, so now people just call it "Pulling a Higgy"


Deontologist said...

have fun.

Tramp said...

If you want to try YooHoo, just hammer twelve pounds of sugar into a bottle with some chocolate. There you go. And it comes in southern style with even more sugar.

wysiwyg said...

Tramp: sounds like how my youngest likes his chocolate milkshakes.