Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Or just cause me to have a slight stroke.

My little girl (OK, she's 21, but she's my youngest) will not be home until August 20. And then she has to be back at school August 21. She is interning at a youth camp in the Adirondacks. Sounds like a fun summer and I'm happy for her.

Really. I am.

Until I got this phone call Monday.

Meghan: It's snowing today.

Me: Wow, we've only had rain, but it has been chilly.

(more boring -- to others -- weather-related conversation)

Meghan: Yesterday was my day off and I went parasailing.

Me: Was it warmer?

Meghan: Just a little. It was 40 degrees.

Me: {{shiver}}

Meghan: We didn't have to pay for it, either. The guy needed to test everything.

Me: ??

Meghan: He'd been testing everything using barrels and bouys and needed live people to make sure it was all OK.




(I was speechless)

Meghan: Mom?

Meghan: Mom?

Meghan: Mom? Seriously, breathe!! I'm OK.

And this was just her first week out there.



Bismuth said...

Very funny! (Not at the time, though, I'm sure!)

And yes, it has been waaaaay too cold up here.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Coming to Fox this Fall:

Meghan and the Test-Crash Dummies

El said...

It's times like this when being a Mom is the MOST fun, isn't it??

Tramp said...

Wait till you get the call that starts, "Don't get upset, but..."

Tramp said...

Oh, and don't get upset, but...
you need to see this.


Kafaleni said...

wow, sly. Change your will.. maybe she won't try to give you a heart attack if she gets nothing out of it!

Slyeyes said...

Kaf, Yeah, fear of not getting her share of nothing would be a deterrent (sarcasm).

Oh, wait. Since most of my "wealth" is my investment in shoes, losing out on her share of my sandals COULD have an impact on her.

Kafaleni said...

lol.. my parents used to say that whoever took their poodles got everything. Just what I want.. a pile of bills and two obnoxious balls of yapping fur. (sarcasm)

Meanwhile, they've discovered none of us were desperate enough for anything to want the dogs with it.