Saturday, May 30, 2009


More photos of Memorial Day Weekend and Niagara Falls.   This is one of my favorite shots of the Falls.  Don't know why, I just like it.

But this is another favorite.  It looks like the Maid of the Mist is getting ready to sail right into the waterfall.  It also looks like it's a cold, rainy day.  It wasn't.  It was a beautifully sunny day.

Niagara River.  And another favorite picture.  But then, would I post photos that weren't my favorite?  


If there's no sea, just a lake and river, are these birds still called seagulls?  I shall call him Jonathan.

Bridal Veil Falls.  

Love birds with Bridal Veil Falls in background.

Copy cats.  

Part of Horseshoe Falls.   And, another favorite picture.

Some one's outfit happened to coordinate with the "free shoes" at Cave of the Winds.   But after donning the yellow ponchos, fashion went out the window.  Or down the falls.  

There was the obligatory tourist ritual of handing expensive cameras to complete strangers and asking them to take your picture.

And then there were the shy "no pictures, please" tourists.  Maybe he (or she?) is in The Witness Protection Program.

Pedestrian Bridge leading to Cave of the Winds at the base of Bridal Veil Falls.  There really was no cave.  At least none that we could enter.

This picture got out of order, but I'm too lazy to change things around.  

Ben closely guarded the frisbee.  

You can tell by the dry hair that this picture is also out of order.  

We didn't spend the entire weekend at Niagara Falls.  Jenni is preparing strawberries for a chocolate fondue.  Which, yum.    The sink is shorter than hers, thus that bizarre straddle thing going on.  Either that or she's found the long lost 6th ballet position.

Aren't they sweet???

The sisters strike a similar pose during a game of washers with their hubbies.

If she wasn't Meghan, she wouldn't be worrying.  She's probably worrying that this picture is also out of order.  Oh well.

 The guys played video games in the Man Cave for 4 hours.  We should have used the opportunity to go shoe shopping at the Niagara Falls outlet mall.

Then I flew back home to St. Louis, getting my flight changed several times due to delays.  Because I was had a Business Select ticket, I got two free drink coupons every time there was a change to my itinerary.  Which went unused since I had morning flights and was going to work straight from the airport.    Oh well, another day, another flight.

Later in the week, I took in the Rose Show at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.

Yes, I know these aren't roses.  They are glass bulbs by Chihuly from the Glass in the Garden exhibit.

These geese.....

...are also these geese.  Same photo, just cropped differently.  I think I like the top picture better.

It rained that evening, but not enough to spoil the view.

In fact, it enhanced it.

Oh look, a rose at the Rose Show.

I decided to get a little artsy fartsy with this picture of Kathy walking across the foot bridge.

But all of these pictures of the beautiful grounds at the Garden reminds me that I need to put away the computer and go work in my garden.  After all of the rain, the weeds are overtaking the lettuce and spinach.


Missy said...

I think it says something very sad about me that I can look at all of these stunning pictures yet still get more excited by the Buffalo Bills and Young Life shirts. I haven't seen anything that says Young Life in years. Probably means I'm getting old.
I do love the lucious green pictures from the Rose Show though.

insomniac said...

nice numb3rs shirt! (although the moral is, no matter how educated you might be,someone's got to wash the dishes!

i got a major case of the galloping fantods watching insomniac, jr. clambing over rocks near the edge of niagara falls years ago, this is as close as i care to get to them...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Missy, and welcome! About the Bills t-shirt. The name on the back of the shirt is "Omon", who is a rookie on the Bills team but was a star on his college team, where Tim and my daughter teach. My daughter and son-in-law teach at that university.

My other daughter and son-in-law had that t-shirt made for him for Christmas. And Ben is a Young Life leader

I can't believe I have to post anonymously on my own blog. What's going on!?!?


Jenni said...

While these pictures are lovely, this post is almost a month old!!! Don't you have any new funny stories for us?

Chocolate and Whine said...

Love the Niagara Falls photos! We were there about two years ago and it was factastic!

Liam's Grandma said...

Your photographs are beautiful!

Slyeyes said...