Sunday, April 05, 2009

OPENING DAY!! and other stuff

Tomorrow, April 6, is baseball's Opening Day!!! (except for two games last night) And the Cardinals open at home this year. I love the first day of a new baseball season. The rallies, the hype, the expectations that This Year will be The Year, Casual Day at work.

For the first time in quite sometime, the Cardinals are playing the day after our home opener. In the past, no game was scheduled the second day, supposedly so they could make up the Opener in the event of a rain out. Which I never really understood. It was, OPENING DAY!!! EXCITEMENT!! RALLIES!! Radio Station Give-aways!!

Then rest a day........other teams were playing...having fun.... making exciting plays. We had to wait another day...... and then FINALLY, we're off and running.

This year the weatherman is predicting tomorrow to feature blizzards, storms, floods and wintry mix, and NOW they play the day after the home opener. I'm actually glad I don't have tickets for the first day this year. From the sounds of the wind outside of my house right now, it's going to be bitching cold.

But dire weather predictions didn't prevent The Powers That Be from doing this to our City's fountains.

It's just silly if you ask me.

Yes, in honor of the first day of baseball, 2009, our fountains appear to be spewing Hawaiian Punch.

And in other news........ Yesterday was Opening Day for our neighborhood garden. Neighbors Linda, Dave and I are going to attempt to grow a bunch o' veggies. Dave here is getting set to bust the sod.

While he did this, Linda and I went off in search of garden tools, soil testing kits, bread and pickles. And gas for the tiller. He made good progress while we were gone.

I left Linda in charge of supervising Dave and went to the front yard to attempt to get an artsy fartsy photo of the crop of white wildflowers growing there.

But I got tired of lying in the grass to get a good focal point in the sea of white, and watching Dave with the tiller was killing my back. So I went for a massage, thinking I might have better luck trying to get that shot after getting the kinks worked out.

But by the time I returned, Dave had finished tilling and had mowed the yard, wiping out the sea of white flowers. Oh well. But we're gonna have a BIG garden. It looks like we are also going to have a bird bath right in the middle of it.

Today, I went to Art Hill in Forest Park where lots and lots of kids were flying kites. Oddly, the pictures of the kids weren't all that great; but I did get a shot of this guy.

And I'm OK with that.


Jenni said...

I miss being around STL during baseball season.

Have fun with the garden! Did you decide against raised beds?

Meghan said...

I didn't realize it would be that big...that's huge!