Wednesday, April 01, 2009


*We don't know his actual birthdate, seeing that he was adopted and all. But since Jenni and Tim will have had him a year in May, and he was several weeks (months?) old when they got him, I've unofficially given him April Fool's Day as his birthday. And I wanted an excuse to post a bunch of pictures of him. Although, I really didn't need an excuse to do that.

But first, a morning shot from the deck from the last time I visited Jenni and Tim. I love this view.

When I was visiting, Jenni and I took the Huckster to the Lake to run around. Oops. I said "The Lake". I mean, "the lake". In Missouri, "The Lake" refers to Lake of the Ozarks. In Maryville, it's Lake Mozingo. Or Mozingo Lake. Anyway, we took Huckleberry out to run on the levee.

You can almost hear him applying the brakes on this one.

His training is going well.

Lake investigation needed to be done before we left.

When we got home, Huckleberry and I played catch on the deck. The run on the levee apparently wore him out, because after a few tosses, Huck made the mistake of just watching the ball roll across the deck.......

......and then he watched it as it rolled down the hill.

I tried a few shots of him just chillin'.....

....but then he got bored.......

.......and then got tired of the puppyrazzi.

But I did get a family portrait, although it looks like he's busy smelling Jenni's ear.

A little discovery was made that weekend. Jenni and Tim almost always call him by his full name, Huckleberry; seldom "Huck". But while we were playing Settlers of Catan, Huckleberry kept trying to get on Jenni's lap. She sternly told him "Off, Huck, off!"

And made the discovery about the danger of shortening his name.

You all have a safe and fun April Fool's Day!!


Alicia said...

What a cute family! I love seeing pictures of Huckleberry.

Jenni said...

I can't stop looking at these pictures! He just makes me smile :)