Sunday, March 01, 2009


One of life's small pleasures that I enjoy is fixing myself a huge mug of almond roca mocha cappuccino. I lightly sprinkle cinnamon on top of the foam, take a sip and think heaven must be like this. And then I start getting ready for the day.

I'll admit it, I got a little heavy handed with the lightly sprinkled cinnamon on this one.

As I dash about, getting ready for work, I take hits off the mug and finish it off just before I head out of the door. The mug is never far from me and faithfully follows me from kitchen, to bedroom, to bathroom sink back to bedroom, into guest bedroom for ironing, back to bedroom, back to bathroom sink, and into kitchen for the final big gulp before leaving to catch the bus.

The pace on weekends is a bit slower. When the weather is nice, I lug my laptop out to the front porch or backyard patio and drink my coffee as I catch up on the news, various blogs and/or update my own blog while sipping my cappuccino and enjoy watching the squirrels, neighbors and the few squirrelly neighbors. (Of course, I don't mean any of the ones who happen to be reading this. I mean the OTHER ones.)

When the weather is cold, I plop down on the living room couch for the same activities. Except the squirrel and neighbor watching. Those activities are curtailed in the winter months. Because I'm not in such a hurry, I generally get in a few sips of my cappuccino before I notice that it's cold. No problem, I nuke it in the microwave. Then I start getting busy with laundry, cleaning, etc., and have to nuke it again after an hour or so when I realize I haven't finished it.

That same routine happened yesterday morning; fixing a huge mug of cappuccino, drinking and nuking and drinking and nuking. And when I went to nuke it the first time yesterday morning, I found this.

Not uncommon. Quite often, the drinking and nuking turns into nuke and forget. On weekends, the mug tends not to faithfully follow me about the house. At some point in time, I'll realize I've left my mug somewhere and often find it cooling in the microwave. It gets nuked again.

I ask myself, why use such a big mug that cools too soon? Why not use a smaller cup?

The answer?



Trillian said...

All your ingredient ratios are based on the large mug. using a smaller mug would throw off the mix and wouldn't be as good.

Jerry said...

I can totally relate to the nuke-and-sip program. And the find-yesterday's-coffee-safely-hidden-in-the-microwave game is one I play as well.