Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have Meghan's permission to post the following; but first must say that Ben was out of town and... there was another proviso which I've forgotten..... oh well. Now that I have that legal stuff out of the way, sort of, here goes.

Meghan called me Thursday morning at 6:00 AM to tell me she's sick and to get my advice on cold medications.

Meghan called me at 5:30 on Friday morning to tell me she's running a fever and is achy and to ask me if I think she should go to work (no) because she has to take a day off work next month for wedding here in St. Louis (but you are sick NOW and will make other people sick and you could get sicker).

Meghan called me at 6:00 to tell me her fever had climbed from 99.7 to 100.7.

Meghan called me while she was driving to work to tell me that her temp was 99.5. Yes. She took her temp while driving to work. Some people apply make-up, some drink coffee and eat breakfast, there are even a few who read while driving to work. Meghan was driving with a thermometer sticking out of her mouth. And I'm just going to assume it was an oral thermometer.

Meghan e-mailed me at 10:05 am to tell me her temp is now 98.1.

She's cured.

You know, other than being obsessive compulsive about taking her temperature every 5 freaking minutes.

I, on the other hand, need a drink. And it's only 10:10.

I love you, Meghan, and it's still nice to know that even though you are 24 and live 14 hours away by car, I'm still needed.

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Jerry said...

I think all of us should have thermometers implanted, with telemetry going to an automatically-alarming device implanted in our mothers. So even if we're unaware of abnormal body temps, our mothers would be alerted to start the low-price ticket search on Travelocity.