Friday, January 23, 2009

Update on Bialatti Mukka Expresso Maker

A little over a month ago, I posted about the annoying explosions I've experienced when I used my Bialetti Mukka Espresso maker.

Today, Williams-Sonoma sent me an e-mail entitled "Tips for Using Your Bialetti Mukka".

Some of those tips are below, with my comments in italics:

If your cappuccino or caffè latte is not hot enough:

Increase the temperature before serving by leaving the unit on the stovetop for up to one minute after the brewing and frothing are complete. (basically, let it cook longer)

Carafe overflows:

Fill water using the measuring cup (Gas water level = 1/2 Cup, Electric plate water level = 1/2 Cup + 1 tablespoon). Fill milk to milk line located just below the handle. (In other words, don't fill it so full)

If the unit leaks between the carafe and base:

Be sure the carafe is properly screwed in place, without any loose grounds obstructing the threaded connectors. (In other words, clean it)

If the carafe does not screw apart from the base:

Let the unit cool entirely or rinse it under cool water before unscrewing. If necessary, remove the pressure valve first. (Refer to the online instructions.)(OR -- ask a hunky neighbor for help.)

If cappuccino rises slowly or minimal froth is produced:

Be sure that the filter is not clogged and that the pressure valve is clean and positioned properly. (Refer to the online instructions.) Use only finely ground espresso. (In other words (1) read the instructions and (b), again, clean it)

If caffè latte has no foam:

Traditional caffè latte is brewed and poured into a cup of hot milk. By nature, it has no foam. For foam, use the setting for cappuccino. (In other words, again, read the instructions)

And yet, there is nothing about how to prevent explosions.

Maybe I should go read those instructions.

Or clean it.


Jenni said...

fancy new page design! Good luck with explosive coffee makers.

Shoshana of This Book For Free said...

That sounds rather scary. I'm a tea drinker myself, so I don't know.