Wednesday, January 28, 2009


When Jenni was home for the holidays, we went shoe shopping. -- Hark, Is that a heavenly chorus I hear?

Yes, shoe shopping. The location was the place I refer to as the Mother Ship of Shoes. DSW. OK, the dominatrix-style shoes on the current banner of the website aren't exactly my style. On this trip I wasn't buying shoes. Shocking, I know. Jenni was the one making the purchases, and she said she needed a pair of plain black flats and plain brown pumps.


Seriously, plain?

OK, I can do this for my daughter.

After a game of "Love This One/Hate That One" (played by only me because Jenni was serious about the plain thing and was on a mission), Jenni pointed out that there is a fuzzy line between shoes I like and shoes I don't like. As I held up a pair of sparkly white Sketchers and declared that the verdict hadn't come in yet one them, I innocently said, "I don't know what you mean." (I later put the sparkly Sketchers in the "Hate That One" category, but Jenni thinks I secretly love them. )

Then I found a clearance rack of wonderful slides and sandals that all spoke to me. I went wild, "Love that one, love that one, REALLY love that one!" Jenni's eyes audibly rolled.

I pointed out that Meghan and I have similar tastes in shoes and she tries to steal them when she's home; only her feet are smaller. Yet Jenni and I have the same shoe size but our tastes don't match. She said that she likes my shoes, she just wouldn't buy them.


Anyway, with iPhone in hand, I started taking photos. Jenni asked (sarcastically), "Blog fodder?"

Why, yes, actually. Sadly, only three of them are viewable. Earthquakes seemed to have hit while taking most of them.

Jenni asked if they could have included any more animal prints in this shoe. I refer to it as "Something Unfortunate Happened At the Watering Hole."

To make this shoe, we think they swept up all of the scraps left on the floor.

This shoe photographs well. In real life, it's atrocious, but it actually looks almost good here. The blue is a satiny electric blue. It's so electric you could almost hear it sizzle and hum. And it did not cost $109.95. Those are for a a pair of boots that were actually kind of cute, but they were out of my size. *sigh*

I didn't buy any shoes that day, but did go back a week later and bought these. They go great with red trousers, or a great pair of tobacco-colored jeans.

I told you, I don't do plain. Also, I can't seem to shrink this photo. Oh well.

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Jenni said...

Needless to say, she wasn't much help in shopping for shoes. By the way, I do like most of your sandals. I just would rather spend my money on desserts and chocolate - not shoes that I can wear with just one outfit for one season. So, I'll borrow yours when I'm in town.