Wednesday, December 17, 2008


To the White Album

hmmm. It doesn't show up well on a white background, does it?

Anyway.....It's 40!!! 4-0. Remember when we weren't supposed to trust anyone over 30? Well, that apparently includes the White Album.

Anyway, it was just about 40 years ago this December that I had quite a disappointing Christmas for a young teen in Southern Illinois. Get out your hankies.

I asked for The White Album. It was sold out.

The tragedy doesn't end there.

I got what my parents thought was the next best thing. It should be kept in mind that my parents' favorite musical group at the time was One Hundred and One Strings. They owned every album the group made. 100 Melodies. 101 Strings and Piano. 101 Strings Waltzing Violins, 101 Strings for Lovers (ok, I don't want to think about that one!).

Anyway.... did they get me 101 Strings Play a Tribute to the Beatles?

Nope. I got:

Complete with The Dreams of the Everyday Housewife:

"An everyday housewife....who gave up the good life.... for me."

I was 15. Years old. Wanting The Beatles' White Album.

No Rocky Raccoon. No Dear Prudence or Back in the USSR. Just Dreams of the Everyday Housewife and Wichita Lineman.

You'd think 40 years later, I'd be over it, wouldn't you?

Yeah .... well.....Ob la de. Ob la da.


Leets said...

I feel your pain, sister. I got a plastic periscope.

slyeyes said...

You got a plastic periscope instead of the White Album? That really sucks.

But then, any album you owned was the White Album, eh?

*yuk yuk yuk yuk*

Leets said...


Seriously though... look at the photo in my "miscellaneous" f/b album. Totally pitiful.

insomniac said...

*leaves bacon-wrapped brussels-sprouts in slyeyes' stockings*