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November 23, 2008

I'm waiting for my flight back to St. Louis and thought I'd get caught up on thisthatandtheother thing, but as I'm writing this, realize there's not enough time.

I spent the weekend of November 21-23 visiting Jenni and Tim, watched the Bearcats win against Pittsburgh State (from Pittsburgh, Kansas) -- 38-35, although they tried like heck to lose. Next week, they play Abilene Christian University who beat West Texas A & M 93-68. That is not a typo. And that is not a basketball score. 93-68. When the Bearcats' coach heard that score, he reportedly asked, "Did they cut down the net after the game?"

In other news........

When I went in to my room this morning after church, I was surprised to see this sight.

Yeah, you don't see that every day.... a suicidal deer.


Well, I had tried to upload the above to my blog while at the Kansas City Airport, but gremlins got into the works and prevented the upload.

By the way, the Bearcats DID beat Abilene Christian 45-36 (I think, I'm too lazy to look it up. Tim and/or Jenni will correct me if I'm wrong). Next weekend, they play the North Alabama in the NCAA Division II semi finals. (December 6, 3:00 on CST, ESPN2).

AND..........as usual..... I think of tons of things to write about during my commute to work and as soon as I fire up the Mac, I get blocked.

I do have something to say about sports, superstitions and my beloved son-in-law, Tim; but I will reserve my comments until after the championship game because I don't want to jinx anything. Or be accused of jinxing anything. Not that Tim would accuse me of that, *coughcough* but I came *thisclose* to being asked to leave the Pitt State game at half time ONLY because out of all of the Bearcat games I've attended since 1999, the Bearcats l_ _ _ (I'm not allowed to use the "L" word in the same sentence, thought or even DAY as the Bearcats) the only other game I went to this year and a certain SOMEONE thought I was bringing bad karma. But they won so maybe I've been absolved.

Or something.

Oh yeah, Boot camp, Part I is over. Due to some nasty headache issues I had to go AWOL for Part 2, but have resumed running (and resumed HATING IT) and will re-up for Part 3.

Hoooo ah (cough gag yuk)

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Jenni said...

NW beat North Alabama, and we are headed to the National Championships! Saturday, December 13th (hey, that's the anniversary of our engagement)! Go 'Cats!!!