Friday, December 28, 2007


Family traditions. One of ours is that every year for Christmas, my dad asks for a trolling motor. He has been asking for one every year for about 40 years. And please keep in mind he's had two of them during that time.

You know those stupid sayings, "Pink is the new Black", "70 is the new 50", "Dumb is the new smart" (I kinda made that one up).

Our family has a new one now, thanks to my son-in-law. "Wii is the new trolling motor."

While Jenni and I took Mom shopping yesterday afternoon, Tim went over to their house with his new Nintendo Wii (courtesy of my ex for Jenni and Tim for Christmas). When we left the mall, I called to tell "the boys" to meet us for dinner. Dad sounded slightly out of breath and I asked him if they'd had a chance to play Wii. Dad said they had and then added, "You gonna buy me one instead of a trolling motor?"

The trolling motor would have been cheaper.

Addendum: Trolling Motor


Anonymous said...

What's a trolling motor?


Anonymous said...

it's for when guys in wheelchairs go looking for dates, it allows them to keep their hands free...;)-insomniac

Jerry said...

Trolling motors I understand. But I'm over 60, so have no clue about Wii.

CresceNet said...
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