Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Meghan and I were playing "What Did We Do Last Year for Easter?" She thought she was with me, I didn't think so, but couldn't come up with what actually happened. I checked e-mails; they'd all been deleted, except for one to my parents stating that I was feeling better, but wouldn't be going to Jenni and Tim's. I then remembered that was around the time I found out I had asthma. But couldn't remember what I actually did for Easter, other than trying to breathe.

I looked at the calendar, it was blank.

Meghan suggested I ask her dad, but I was pretty sure he'd say Meghan was with me, so she'd be with him this year. I needed something more concrete; and reliable.

My blog!!!

I searched the archives and found out she WAS with her dad. Ha! This thing has now justified itself.

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