Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Her Royal Highness, Princess Meghan, is home for the holidays. For 16 hours. At noon today, she heads to Upstate New York to visit her boyfriend and his family for a week. As she was packing last night, we were trying to figure out if she's going to have to pay for excess baggage. I say it's a given. Her suitcase includes her gift for her boyfriend (skates), three pairs of shoes -- two of which are boots--she IS my daughter after all-- and winter clothes for a week.

I warned her that she's taking the same suitcase I used when I went to visit her in New York this summer and I had to remove two pairs of shoes and toiletries to keep from paying the excess baggage fee.

Differences between what I packed and what she's packing:

1. Summer clothes v. winter clothes
2. Sandals v. boots
3. Two knock-off designer purses v. skates

She wants me to follow her into the airport with a separate bag in the event she has to offload some items and put them into a carryon. I don't need my crystal ball for that; she's going to need a second bag.

OK, so how much do you think this suitcase weighs? Hint: this summer, my suitcase was four pounds over at 54 lbs.

UPDATE: The actual retail weight of the suitcase was 54.3 lbs. HOWEVER, the results are skewed. Before going to the airport, Meghan took out some cosmetics, gave one pair of boots a rest for the week, and put another pair in her backpack. When she found out the bag was still overweight, she put the skates in a totebag and put the boots back into the suitcase. Result: 50.0 lbs. And some not happy people behind her in line who had to wait for her to do the switching.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say 50 lbs. :D

Bismuth said...

60 lbs.

Also, if she needs to, she could probably get away with leaving some of the warm stuff behind -- highs are supposed to be in the 40s and lower 50s for the next week in the area. (Unless she's spending a lot of time skiing or otherwise in the mountains). Then again, women and men have very different ideas of "need" when it comes to clothing...

Jenni said...

Three of us in my office decided on 59 pounds. We took the mean of the three guesses.

Jeff Meyerson said...

I'll go with 61 since my guesses were already taken.

Jenni said...

After some more calculations, I guess 54.3 pounds.

Slyeyes said...

Three of us in my office decided on 59 pounds. We took the mean of the three guesses.

And the Math Department chimes in.

After some more calculations, I guess 54.3 pounds.

Gee, would those calculations involve a phone call from your sister?

Tramp said...

8,624 pounds, if my wife is comparable.

LabSpecimen said...


Donna can't access her own blog. I'd never post a comment here and say *neener*! That would be mean AND silly.