Wednesday, August 16, 2006


....ok, "clamoring" may not be the right word. Heckling might be more like it.

Last week, I sent the following e-mail to some of my friends and family. And this really happened, by the way:

You know how some people say they are chained to their desks?
I managed to get myself glued to mine this morning. Superglued. I had 4 fingers glued together and stuck to the desk and stuck to papers.
And then.....I remembered someone said that saliva will dissolve superglue, so I leaned down and started licking my fingers.
And that was how one of the partners found me when he opened the door because I couldn't clearly say "Just a minute" when I had my tongue stuck to my fingers which were stuck to my desk.

Can I go home now?

Little Sly's response was "That's brave of you to tell THIS family about that!!!" (some day, I'll tell you the stick-shift and floormat story about her and how fast those e-mails went through the family)

I received the following e-mails today:

From Peanut Gallery Member #1: I've been monitoring your blog to see the "My Tongue Is Now Glued To My Desk" entry. Too embarrassing for public consumption?

From Peanut Gallery Member #2 (whose name I forgot (tee hee): pssst...Jerry....maybe she doesn't remember the event...shhhh

So, there. I posted it.

Amazingly, that little incident did NOT get reported around the workplace as I feared it would. My credibility is still intact. And after a visit to the salon, so are my nails.

For most of the last week, I have been trying to upload photos of Jenni and Tim's new house; but the server is being difficult. I had about 5 uploaded, and then it deleted all but one. But I'll get them posted here if I have to nail them to the blog.


Maybe I should use super glue.


MrFisher said...

melts in your mouth not in your hands ?

Mad Scientist said...


Great story sly. Too bad you couldn't get a crapcam picture of yourself. Thanks for being brave enough to share and to let us laugh with you.

Glad all your digits are intact and the nails too.

Anonymous said...

Albeit delayed, a great soul-cleansing confession.

PGM #1

Jeff Meyerson said...

Sly, three words for next time:

Nail polish remover

KDF said...

Oooh, good idea, Jeff! Sly, I imagine the lavender scented one wouldn't taste too bad.

WriterDude said...

Yup. Try chasing the acetone with Red Bull -- you may come up with the next trendy drink.

*adds kudos for sly's bravery and awaits the stick-shift-and-floor-mat story*

Anonymous said...

Well, you remembered it after all. Bravo!

oops...gotta go, I hear the phone ringing in the other room