Sunday, June 25, 2006


My Inner Gladys Kravitz has been screaming to get out, so this post is her release.

First of all, I covet my neighbor's porch. Last summer, he worked very hard on remodeling it, and this summer, he's working on the landscaping.

The privet fence surrounding his property had been quite tall and blocked my view. This spring, he was courteous enough to tear all of that out and is currently replacing it with some shrubbery of a much smaller size.

The yard chores at my place are the responsibility of my neighbor in my duplex, J. The landlord had offered him a reduction in rent if he took care of the landscaping. They are currently having a difference of opinion on the translation of "taking care of the landscaping". The landlord's interpretation is mowing it when it needs it, and weed-eating. J's interpretation is mowing it once a month whether it needs it or not, and he chooses not to eat weeds.

My other neighbors mow at least once a week, and bag the clippings. Trust me, "bagging the clippings" is not in J's vocabulary. So, the grass in our yard is either quite long, or is lying about the lawn in need of being baled. We are the neighborhood eyesore.

Please note the tuft of long grass in the first photo (not the one of Gladys). I don't know why, but that particular spot does not get mowed. Nor does it get hit with the weed-whacker.

And after mowing, the sidewalk also doesn't get swept.

And then there are the weeds growing everywhere.

One time last year, I saw him mow around a newspaper. After the newspaper was removed, the long grass stayed there (until I pulled it out by hand). I wasn't here yesterday, but apparently he must have at least kicked the newspaper out of the way several times when he mowed. I thought I had picked up all of the newspapers, but he apparently thinks that one is mine.

So, since today is a nice cool day and since I've been complaining to you all about this, I'll spend this afternoon sweeping the sidewalk and pulling weeds. Am I being an enabler? I don't care; I'm tired of being the neighborhood eyesore.

However, I am NOT going to rake the grass clippings. Mainly because I don't have a rake.


Kafaleni said...

Sly.. have you ever thought of asking your landlord that YOU get the reduction and do the yardwork?

Slyeyes said...

Kaf, the problem with that would be that then I would actually have to DO the yardwork. I retired from that. I like to do it once in awhile when the weather is in the 70's and I don't have anything else to do.

Otherwise, yuk.

And my neighbor does have a full plate; work, young child and a wife on disability. But he made a deal and is not living up to it.

That's why I don't offer. The grass would need to be mowed, it would be 95 degrees with 98% humidity and I would just rather not, thankyouverymuch.

Slyeyes said...

Oh, and the "yard chores" also include shoveling snow. I would SO not be doing that. I will admit that he quickly "shoveled" (with a broom, I believe) the two one-inch snows we had this past winter.

Kafaleni said...

okay.. fair enough.. but it would be nice to be seeing things get done.