Thursday, June 29, 2006


only without the trains.

I TRIED to blog the following from the plane yesterday, but after typing it all into my phone, "it" wouldn't let me send more than a sentence or two. ERRGGG!!!

Anyway, just before boarding in Chicago, Jenni and I each received calls from Orbitz telling us that all flights to the East Coast would be delayed in landing, but take off schedules would remain the same. The delay was due to weather conditions between Chicago and the East Coast.


We started boarding, and ten minutes before we were due to push back from the gate, we were advised of the weather delay of an hour and twenty minutes. BUT, we could not leave the plane. In fact, the plane would be leaving the gate at the normal time to make room for another plane. BS! That was so they could go on record as leaving on time.

So we sat for an hour and a half. Jenni at first worked Sudoku on her PalmPilot until she got bored. She explained that she's now beyond that. She now does Kakuro.

Time passed quickly and we landed in LaGuardia about 2 hours late. A word about LaGuardia. WHAT?!!?!? Was it the first airport built and hasn't been renovated since? At least that was the impression we got from the "D" concourse. Ceiling tile falling, rain through ceiling, etc.

An hour later, we were in our rental car and heading to Upstate New York. Oh. Except for the sitting in traffic part. I let Jenni drive and it was an eyue-opener for her. It's not like driving in Maryville, Missouri!

After we FINALLY got to the nice relaxing drive on the Palisades Parkway and the rest of our trip north, there were some road closures due to flooding. Fortunately, we didn't have many problems with that. We got up here about 10:30 last night, got to hug Meghan a lot, got a quick tour of the place in the dark, and she told us that today was "Breakfast in Bed." Sounded nice after our trip.

Oh. The "Breakfast in Bed" was for the campers, and the breakfast was to be made by the adult visitors. So, we were up this morning, reporting for duty in the kitchen and making egg McMuffin things with the others. It was actually fun. I worked frying eggs with a corporate attorney and an attorney with the DOJ.

I just can't escape attorneys.

Anyway, this is these are views from our cabin porch.

Meghan has the day off today, and we're getting ready to hike up Panther Mountain.

Wish me luck.


Higgy said...

You now owe me repairs to my wall for introducing me to Kakuro. My head is still sore from banging it against the wall.

Kafaleni said...

ooh... what a gorgeous view!!

Meanwhile, I'm going to check out Kakuro.

El said...

Love the view!

Good luck with the hiking thing!

Jeff Meyerson said...


Yeah, LaGuardia is ancient, except the "new" part.

And I give Jenni credit for survivbing the drive out of there. What a nice mom for "letting" her drive!

xena said...

My mom always said "If they are going to make you sit in a plane for more than taxi time they should give you AT LEAST the beverage cart!" I agree. I've been claustraphobically trapped for snow (funny...I think it was at LaGuardia), hurricanes and lack of planes(they had to fly one in from Atlanta to Dallas) if you can believe it. At least you kept your sanity and from the photos it was worth every minute!
You go girl!

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