Sunday, April 02, 2006

April 2, 2006

If you had any access with any form of the media on Sunday evening, you knew parts of the midwest were getting hit with storms.

My parents and I had the good fortune of skirting everything.

Meghan and a friend of hers rode out one of the storms in the shower room of a truck stop with their 50 newest friends outside of Hopkinsville, Kentucky.

Yes, Hopkinsville, KY where tornadoes touched down today. Now that she's home safe, I'm finally breathing at a normal rate.

Jenni flew out of Nashville this evening, apparently just minutes before the storm. She said they were rushed onto the plane and into the air, trying to beat the storm; then had a very bumpy flight. No surprise there.

The following are shots of the clouds we saw this evening while traveling up I-57 from Marion to Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

We apparently got home after this area had been hit. The retirement center where my parents live is operating off of a generator. All of my clocks are blinking and the readout on my microwave is in Spanish; and the readout on my home phone is in Greek.

But we're all safe.


UPDATE: I did a little research, and those clouds are Mammutus clouds. They form in sinking air; which doesn't sound good. But apparently it is a good sign. While a rare cloud formation, they appear after the worst of a storm has passed.


wysiwyg said...

Its bad when the clouds are all dimpley like that, isn't it? I've never seen a tornado, but I watch a lot of Discovery channel.

Glad to hear you all got through in one piece.

Well, I actually mean I'm glad you all got through in separate pieces. Your piece, Jenni's piece, Meghan's piece....I wouldn't want to wish you all to be jammed into just one piece, although from the sounds of it Mehan came closest to achieveing that.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Wow, extremely cool clouds, especially since you ot home safe. I was just reading how 23 people were killed, with Tennessee having the most damage.


insomniac said...

i think the clouds are named because their ummm... rampartage.

Sarah O. said...

And who says the Midwest is dull?

Kafaleni said...

wow.. incredible pics, sly!

Glad everyone is safe!

neophyte said...

Thank God you all are safe! It was sure some storm! The pictures are beautiful!

Mone said...

Those pics are just great... I would have been scared....