Thursday, February 09, 2006


OK, she looks good; sings well and puts on a great show. But she has undergarment issues. If she's not wearing her bra on the outside, then it's her corset. And I do NOT get those leggings. They look like reverse knee-highs. Knee-lows?

Great performance; ehhhh dress.

Who were the Gorillaz wearing? Fruit of the Loom and Levi.

I must be too whitebread to understand what Kanye was doing.

Great dress. Take our word for it, Stevie.

I like Teri Hatcher; I think she's attractive and I like the character "Susan" that she plays on Desperate Housewives. Can't say I'm a big fan of this dress; or the fact that she accessorized it with several cross necklaces.

I'm guessing Sheryl was too distraught over her break-up with Lance to pick a dress.

Some of the men wore more bling than the women.

Wanda Sykes showed up at an after-party, apparently on her way to the grocery store.

Kick ass performance!!

Another good performance coupled with a crappy dress.

I'll be honest. I wasn't aware of John Legend before the Grammy's, but I'm now a fan. Ordinary People was a great ballad.

Ya gotta admit; rehab seems to have done Courtney some good.

Kanye had to crouch here to make room for his ego in the pic.

Beyonce (or Bouncy as a friend of mine calls her) wore my favorite dress.


Apparently, the American Idol Winner's Package didn't include a stylist for Fantasia.

Your typical American family.....the Hogans.

Sly is kind of stuck in his 80's look.........

........just like a Z from ZZ Top.

Someone who needed no introduction, so he got none. It's hard to believe that was his first Grammy performance!


Eleanor said...

Nice review!

U2 ROCKS! and I'm glad they beat out Mariah Carey because I don't care much for her. I read she went to some dressing room after and pouted because she only won some minor awards.
Oh well.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Sly, you are too funny! Now I'm even more glad I didn't get to see the awards.

Talking about people with undergarment problems: isn't it about time Mariah got some? Not to mention a dress that FITS?