Tuesday, November 22, 2005


When one has a daughter with the nick-name, Her Royal Highness, Princess Meghan, one has a certain image of said daugther. Something like this......

.....or this on a casual day......

And one expects, and accepts, certain behavior from said Princess. Example; when she was still in high school, I noticed the light was out in her bathroom. I left a lightbulb on the sink for her. The next day, I noticed she was in there, door opened. I asked why and she said she didn't know how to change the light bulb (the makings of "how many princesses does it take to change a light bulb" joke) When she left for college, she had an appointed courtier to handle that task for her, and he did. I even expect to receive middle of the night phone calls from Boston, the first time she ever stayed in a hotel room by herself. "Mom I can't sleep, I'm afraid, I'm having nightmares. Please talk to me on the phone until I fall asleep", and I did.

In addition to these behaviors is a sweet and giving spirit and someone who loves her grandparents and goes out of her way to spend time with them when she's home; someone who will help out a friend in need, and cries at sappy movies like her mother.

So, it was quite a shock to my system when I received this picture last weekend in an e-mail telling me she had gone deer hunting. Yes, my baby girl, HRH Princess Meghan had been on a royal hunting party.....OUT WHERE BULLETS WERE FLYING AROUND!!!

This was a behavior I hadn't expected. I'm not saying it's something unusual in our family. I've been in a duck blind myself. And...there may or may not be some road signs in Wayne County, Illinois which may or may not have bullet holes supplied by yours truly. Wait, that was a very long time ago.....I'm sure those signs have since been replaced (and any applicable statute of limitations have run).

BUT, HRH PM has never had a gun in her hands and SHE WENT HUNTING! OK, she said she didn't do any actual shooting; but OTHERS WERE!! And SHE WAS OUT THERE!! My brother-in-law says that she looks like she looks like the newest member of the "Kaintuck Militia". (I suspect a student of another gender was involved)

And in other news, a study was just released that St. Louis is the third most dangerous city in the country.

I may need that gun.

And because I don't want to cause any bad feelings between my two princesses..... equal time: HRH Princess Jenni and Her Prince Charming, Tim.


insomniac said...

every deer that some hunter gets is one less that will run into someone's car....

Slyeyes said...

From what I understand, the deer were VERY SAFE that day.

I'm just worried about my own little Bambi!!

Eleanor said...

I totally understand, sly. What a shock it must have been! And she looks so happy about her whole ensemble, weapon and all!!

MrFisher said...

wimmin n guns.



oh, Hi! Sly!

*wipes up drool*

Sorry m'am, I's jus a good 'ol country boy. Honest.

I understand your concern, but it looks like from the picture she was out just after sunrise, so I'm sure the other guys hadn't started drinkin just yet.

Unless they stayed up all night. ;)


We'd never do that. And I'm sure your bambi was in good hands.

Did you get that tree yet?

Kafaleni said...

LOL... she looks happy, though... I'd show the photo to boys that she brings home. Let them think she knows how to use it.

Jeff Meyerson said...

It's true, sly, it takes some getting used to. Where's the Gucci bag? Where's the cell phone? Are we sure this is the real Meghan?

kibby F5 said...

I've a cousin of the female type that likes gator hunting.

...Ah .... ok.

I'd up Kaf's recommendation by 1. Show that GUN to boys she brings home!

Slyeyes said...

*snorking, but keeping a wary eye on MrFisher*

southerngirl said...

Hi ~ I've seen your comments on Dave's blog, but didn't know you had one of your own. I like it! And, I'll be back! BTW, your daughter looked like she was very comfortable w/the gun. Don't know if that makes you feel better or worse!

Slyeyes said...

southerngirl, Welcome! Make yourself comfy. And no, it doesn't make me feel better that she looks comfortable with the gun. She was also slinging around the lingo when she was telling us her hunting story.....30 aught 6, deer scratchings....and then she belched. Oh, wait, she does that anyway, one of her lesser regal habits.

She gets that from her dad.