Monday, February 16, 2009


In George Orwell's 1984 the citizens of Oceana were constantly under the watch of the government, Big Brother, via telescreens. Orwell created in us a paranoia about the government constantly peering over our shoulders.

And in reality? It's a fellow traveler who captures a woman doing what many of us have wanted to do when told that we'd missed a flight connection.

Or a fellow partier who captures a picture of an athlete taking a hit on a bong at a private party.

Big Brother? Bah! It's Little Brother or Little Sister with a camera phone who we really need to worry about capturing us in embarrasing situations.

Or Big Mother-In-Law.

My son-in-law; Rapper Notorious B.E.N.


jenni said...

where and when did that take place?

Slyeyes said...

jenni said...
where and when did that take place?

The woman screaming that she missed her flight? She was in Hong Kong and missed her connection to San Francisco. She caught a flight 3 hours later. Wouldn't you just love to be sitting next to her when told they were all out of honey-roasted nuts?

rita said...

You're evil. And I love it.

Jerry said...

I don't much care for violence, but that woman's rant would likely push me over the edge. I bet it wouldn't take more than one slap to knock that shit off.