Friday, February 08, 2008


Prayers for Mayor Swoboda and Todd Smith

RIP Connie Karr

RIP Kenneth Yost

RIP Michael Lynch

RIP Tom Ballman

RIP William Riggs

RIP Cookie Thornton

What happened last night is incomprehensible. How can this happen here???.


Jerry said...

The short answer is "It can happen anywhere."

I'm 91.3% sure that within 3 months (maybe longer, depending on the writers' strike) there will be a made-for-TV movie about Cookie Thornton, the popular, sweet guy that everyone liked in high school. And what happened to him -- or IN him -- that made him a mass murderer.

There will be a fair amount of scrutiny directed at affluent white Kirkwood's relationship with un-affluent, un-white Meacham Park. Do the Meacham Parkers have a legitimate beef, or are they just imagining themselves as victims? I don't know the answer, but I know a number of media people will be asking the question.

The horror of last's night's events is burned into a lot of people's memories, and it is those people who have my sympathy. For them, there will be no escape, no peace.

Meanie the Blue said...

Sly - I just connected this story with the knowledge that you are from this area, and I had a feeling you might post a blog entry about it.

Pretty rattling to know how easily such a horror can happen, like Jerry says, anywhere. People can snap for all kinds of reasons, and perceived injustice is often the triggering rationale (can't bring myself to say "reason"), be it in a postal worker, a bullied student, someone in desparate financial straits, or anyone who's isolated themselves from the rest of the community.

What a miserable pity that it leads to innocent lives just snuffed away like that. Count your blessings that you were not among them (we do).

Slyeyes said...

Thanks, Meanie.

Sarah O. said...

When I first read that this happened in Kirkwood, I thought about you. What a horrible thing.

- scat (remember me?)