Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I reported last month, Meghan packed up and moved to Buffalo

Because of a boy:

I went up to Buffalo a couple of weeks ago to do that motherly checking in thing.

They seem to be adjusting to the local customs.

While we were there, we did the touristy thing and went to see water fall great distances.

We saw the rainbow underneath the Rainbow Bridge (which has nothing do to with Gay Pride or dead puppies)

We enjoyed the sights at night......

....and then paid a toll to get back into the country (I mean, Huh?)

And the great news is........

A week later, Ben proposed, and Meghan accepted.

The wedding is April or May......and I'm returning this weekend with Jenni to go shopping for the wedding dress.


el said...

The last picture is especially beautiful. And very meaningful. You should have it framed.

Jeff Meyerson said...

Aww, nice. It would be so much easier with Niagara Falls right there if they just...oh, never mind. I'm sure a St. Louis wedding will be lovely.

Congratulations again to all.

Bismuth said...




Anonymous said...

Beautiful pics, and congratulations to Ben and Meghan!!

Jerry said...


Ben said...

just in case you were wondering...i will be wearing that pirate outfit to the wedding.

Mad Scientist said...

Ben -pirate outfits are always welcome. I did however mandate that the pirate gear be worn at the rehearsal and not the actual wedding.